Not Good enough

I will never know
how is it like to hold your hand
How is your touch on my bare skin
How your kiss feels like
Or how it feels when our skin brush against each other
I will never know how your love is like.
I tried, my best to be the one
I couldn’t
Wasn’t good enough
Never will be
Yeah, never told you what i feel
I love you, you get it
I know i probably shouldn’t have said it
But I did.
You don’t feel the same, i get it
You can’t change mine.
Go ahead live your life
I wish you all the luck.
I will be here, hoping someday you say that you love too, knowing that is never happening.


The Sunflower

She was like the sunflower
Beautiful in her ways, crazy, she was
He wanted someone like the roses,
Elegant, classy
She was carefree, emotional
They met
She tried to be the rose
Broke herself
Losing herself in the process
She couldn’t
He left
She stood up
She knew,
someone would love a sunflower too